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Some Early Results for My Cookbook’s Theme

After reviewing over 50 top selling cookbooks on, paying particular attention to the titles, I’ve noticed a trend. Many of the cookbooks are for: easy, fast, or variety recipes. For example, Easy Italian Recipes Cookbook – A Taste of Italy. Others are for health related issues: low-fat, diabetes, babies, or even fat flush. Narrowing the health related field there’s the diet cookbooks. Although “trendy,” these are always big sellers. I found several cookbooks on the South Beach Diet alone. There were also cookbooks on: Atkins, Weight Watchers, Pilates – with exercise planner. My favorite themes were based on television shows or books. These included: The Sopranos Family Cookbook, Sesame Street: Elmo’s Magic Cookbook, there’s even one adapted from an NBC Hit Show, The Biggest Loser Cookbook, and my favorite, drum roll please ….. Green Eggs and Ham Cookbook. Many were also ethnically focused; for example, Italian or Polish cookbooks.

Although writing a cookbook based around a television show or an existing book seems to be out, I could write a cookbook with an ethnic theme. Making the recipes easy and fast … and, possibly focusing on a health issue like high blood pressure or diabetes. That would add focus and narrow my audience, making it easier to contact and sell them.

What do you think?

Update: I deleted my Google Alerts for the word “cook.” I was receiving too many results for people with the last name Cook than anything related to cooking. The other alerts are revealing some valuable information.

Stay tuned …


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