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Hi, my name is Bill Frederick, that’s me over on the right-hand column. I am the author of How to Write and Publish a Damn Good Cookbook, blog and the former editor of FineLines, the Central Pennsylvania’s Writer’s Guild Newsletter, The Prince Gallitzin Chronicle, and the literary ezine, Le Mot Juste. My articles have appeared in Connections, The Benedictine, The Star-Courier, as well as several other local newspapers and websites.

Through my publishing company, Apogee Publishing, I’ve worked with writers from around the world. Helping them realize their dream of becoming published authors. Recently I’ve suspended the publishing and marketing of other writers because I’ve realized that, while I was working closely with writers, what I really wanted to be doing was writing.

As a publisher I was kind of “a writing groupie.” I got to be around writers, but I was neglecting my dream. You can say that publishing was my methadone for writing.

I’m now working as a writer … part-time for now. And, I’m writing a Cookbook.

Thanks for stopping by …